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Magic Trimmer

Magic Trimmer

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 Your Nails Deserve A Treat

 Our nextgen product provides smooth and comfortable cutting and filing to your nails at once. It's easy to use; suitable for babies, teenagers, adults and elderly.

Protected and Effective Trimming

 Engineered with precision and user safety in mind, this advanced device combines automatic blades for precise trimming and an integrated filer for a polished finish. The emphasis on safety is evident in every aspect of its design, ensuring a seamless and worry-free grooming. No more sharp edges or awkward angles – Magic Trimmer is meticulously crafted to deliver the safest and most time-saving experience.

Manicure Tool

 Elevate your nail care routine as this device goes beyond the basics, offering a complete manicure experience. The automatic blades ensure precise trimming, while the integrated filer adds finesse to the shaping process, delivering salon-quality results in the comfort of your own space.

Portable and Easy To Clean

 With its compact design, Magic Trimmer easily slips into your bag or pocket. Furthermore, it is designed to collect its own debris as it has a built-in debris collector, diminishing your worries of cleaning the leftovers.


  • Dual-Function (Cutting and Filing)
  • Safety Protection
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Debris Collection
  • High-Level Durability
  • Type-C Charging
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